“Seeing is believing.” That statement should not be taken for granted especially in business. What your customers see determines the action they would take. The majority of the information our processes come in through the eyes; which means, what you see plays an essential role in the action you take.

If you have been underestimating the power of visual merchandising, here is time to think twice. Visual merchandising should be your biggest tool if you want to boost sales.

But to be able to boost sales with visual merchandising, you need to know the little tips and tricks. We will discuss the little visual merchandising tips and tricks to boost your sales.

  1. Always consider colors. Colors play a significant role in bringing a customer to your store. The right set of colors can boost your sales fast. Colors also have the power to evoke strong emotion and affect the way you’re your customers perceives your product. It is a fact that emotions control most decision everyone makes. Getting the right colors to trigger strong emotions is crucial in boosting your sales.
  1. Use signage. Signage can be promotional, informational and directional. Signage guides your customers strategically through the store and also provides them with the information they need. Signage is more like a sales person that gives customers information when the sales team are busy. Use strong graphics, iconography, and imagery to add personality to the store’s visual identity; this would draw your customer in. The attention span of humans is around 8 seconds, so make sure customers get what they want fast before they get distracted.
  1. Establish a hierarchy: This is a crucial part in visual merchandising. Arranging your merchandise in a uniform height would let your displays fade and look dull. So, here’s what to do. Arrange your merchandises in hierarchy (different height or sizes) to gain the customers attention and enhance engagement with your merchandise.
  1. Take advantage of the lighting. Lighting draws the customers’ attention to your store and shapes the atmosphere of your store. There are three techniques in the lighting composition you need to know; the primary lighting, accent lighting and ambient lighting. The primary lighting is the overall illumination of your store. The accent lighting draws the customer’s attention to a specific display. The ambient lightening is more dramatic because it plays light off shadows to create a beautiful effect.