Building Business and Strategy is not about the Competition, It is About Your Customers and Abilities

If you are an entrepreneur who wants to be successful and run a productive and healthy business, you need to keep in mind that building business and strategy is not about fighting the competition. Yes, being competitive is important and finding a way to stand away from the crowd is the end goal, however, this should not be the reasons why you are a building business or developing a specific strategy. Your focus should be on your customers and how to use your abilities to take care of your customers. You will absolutely need a business encyclopedia to grow faster and have a better strategy.

Believe it or not, the whole concept of strategy originates in war, where the focus is to destroy the enemy. However, in the business world, if the enemy is your competition, then the focus of your strategy must be to fight and destroy the competitor. This is wrong. As we already told you this will only keep you away from your real focus and the things you have to take care of.

When some leaders think of business as an opportunity to be in a war with their biggest competitors and believe us, there are many who continue to do that, even though they know it is wrong, they usually don’t experience any customer-related benefits. This is what we are trying to say to you. It is your choice if you want to go in a war with your competitors, but nothing good will come out of that. Such moves rarely bring benefits and almost always end up with losing products and lower margins. This is exactly what happened when Ford and GM went to war with the Japanese in the 70s and 80s and also when the mainstream airlines went to war with Southwest Airlines and JetBlue. They tried to beat these two companies with their own discount airlines which was a completely wrong move. When your business strategy is about competitors, you as a leader will easily lose focus and you will miss all the great opportunities out there for expanding your business and growing customer value. Steve Jobs himself made this mistake when he declared war on Google. Jobs’ mission was to destroy the Android OP, or to be more specific, he wanted to destroy Google Maps and introduced his own version of Google Maps, which was an inferior product whose real purpose was to impose harm on the competition. The result was pretty bad. He revolted his customers and he was forced to apologize to the masses.

From these examples, we can conclude that building business and creating a business strategy about your competitors can bring you no good and can be highly destructive for your whole business. You need to understand your competitor’s mission and value propositions. By doing so, you will be able to generate new thinking on how to enhance your own mission and value propositions. Remember, it is important to put your customers and their needs on first place. You need to use your skills so you can find a solution that best serves their needs. If you focus on your competitors, you will probably lose all of your customers and you will have no choice but to close your business. Business is not a sport or war. And the business strategy is much different than strategies in a sport in war. It is not about the competition. It is about you, your skills, and your customers.

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